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Take a seat in a comfy reclining chair at our signature facial bar. Your esthetician will customize your facial to your skin’s unique needs. Then relax, watch a movie, take a sip of complimentary coffee or champagne, and let us make your skin glow!

For those looking for a private facial experience, we also have treatment rooms at every Facialworks location with dimmer lights, meditative spa music, and more complex treatments.

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Oxygen facials (bar facials) take about 45 minutes. Treatment room services can range from 45 minutes to 1 hour and 20 minutes depending on the facial. We offer add-on enhancements that may take additional time.

You can get a facial as often as once a week! We recommend a facial once every two weeks for the best results for your skin.

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Of course you can, silly! In fact, we think that’s the most fun way to enjoy Facialworks! The chairs you reserve when booking your appointment will be seated together.

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Yes! In fact, our Clean Sea Detox facial is designed especially for oily and acneic skin. Our oxygen serum has antibacterial properties that also help reduce acne and infuse nourishing serums into the pores. Ask your esthetician to recommend clearing Facialworks products for your skincare routine!

  • For all bar services, you must wait 72 hours before receiving treatment.
  • For We Love Your Face, Dermaplane Facial, and Chemical Peels you must wait 72 hrs before receiving treatment.
  • For Hydrafacial you must wait 7 days before receiving treatment.

After facial waxing, you must wait 72 hours before receiving treatment.

Yes, as long as you wait the required tanning development time. However, we recommend getting your spray tan after your facial if you are preparing for a special event or don’t want your tan to be removed during your treatment.

For all services, you must wait 5-7 days before receiving treatment.

  • For bar services, you must wait 7 days before receiving treatment.
  • For treatment room services, you must wait 2 weeks before receiving treatment.

You can still get any bar facial. You can still get a We Love Your Face or Dermaplane Facial in the treatment room. Please tell your esthetician in your consultation that you are pregnant and we will switch out any necessary products to ensure the safety of you and your baby.