Sonic Wave + Love Ocean No. 9

Infusion Duo

Dive deeper into your pores with the Sonic Wave and Love Ocean No. 9! The Sonic Wave ultrasonic skin spatula helps you achieve a deeper cleanse, extraction, and infusion at home for cleaner skin and improves the effectiveness of your Facialworks skin care routine! The stainless steel spatula head is easy to clean and durable enough to push debris out of the skin for endless uses. Four easy functions bring your skin care routine to the next level.

Love Ocean No. 9 potion combats free radical damage from pollution and environmental stress. This serum is packed with antioxidants for a full day's defense against prolonged LED exposure and dry air quality. This serum is infused with CleanSea Complex® to defend against digital damage and blue light. Good for dry, oily, mature, sensitive, and combination skin types.

Give yourself the best at-home facial experience Facialworks has to offer!

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The Sonic Wave and Love Ocean No. 9 bring the signature Facialworks serum infusion to your at-home facial. Apply the serum to your skin and use the flat back side of the spatula to infuse the serum deeply into the pores with ultrasonic vibrations. Gain the most benefits out of the best serums in your routine, and destress your skin with Love Ocean No. 9!

The Sonic Wave and Love Ocean No. 9 are available to purchase separately.

Use gauze or cotton ball to apply to extraction area. Allow tonic to sit on the skin for 1-2 minutes to soften sebum. Perform extractions with Facialworks Sonic Wave ultrasonic skin spatula for best results. Post-extraction, use gauze or cotton ball to saturate area or cleanse skin.

Please refer to your instruction manual or our YouTube for a full overview on how to use the Sonic Wave!

Settings Overview

Make sure your Sonic Wave is charged using the provided USB charging cord.
Press and hold the button to turn on/off.

Setting 1: Cleansing (stepped line)
Setting 2: Extractions Without Infusion (PAD; best for sensitive skin)
Setting 3: Infusion (stepped line + EMS)
Setting 4: Extract With Infusion (PAD + EMS; best for oily or acneic skin when used with Coast Is Clear)

Store in a cool or room temperature area. Do not expose to high temperatures.

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