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What is cleansea complex®?

CleanSea Complex® is a proprietary formula designed by Facialworks for blue light defense and to combat digital damage.

It protects skin from dehydration, dullness, and damage from blue light with three powerhouse antioxidant ingredients: Lava Water from the Island of Jeju, Tahitian Black Pearl, and Pepha-Age from green microalgae.

Using Facialworks skincare products is like wearing a pair of blue light glasses for your face. Defend your skin from the wear and tear of modern life with CleanSea Complex®!

key ingredients

pepha age microalgae

Sustainably grown freshwater green microalgae that reduces blue light skin damage and oxidative stress.

Tahitian Black Pearl

Natural anti-aging extract that helps regenerate the skin’s natural barrier

Lava Water

From South Korea’s Jeju Island, a natural, antioxidant and mineral packed resource that controls toxicity

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