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Wave hello to the new Facialworks! We're refreshed and ready for a new age of modern skin care. Facialworks is proud to be the first clean skin care company to tackle blue light damage, single-use sustainability, and use natural based ingredients in one amazing skin care line!

The CleanSea® skin care line by Facialworks was designed for the modern individual who strives to care for their skin with only the best natural ingredients. From our cleansers to our serums, our products are packed with amazing, sea to skin ingredients and no harmful fillers or preservatives.

Infused in our Facialworks product line is the innovative CleanSea Complex®, which protects skin from dehydration, dullness, and damage from blue light with three power house antioxidant ingredients: Lava Water from the Island of Jeju, Pearlami from the Tahitian Black Pearl, and Pepha-Age from green microalgae. Designed with the working professional in mind, Facialworks wants to protect your face from blue light damage with quality skin care!

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Facialworks is proud to be a clean skin care company for your skin and for the earth.

Crafted by esthetician Meghan Gilboa

Facialworks founder and esthetician Meghan Gilboa developed this unique line of skincare products that combine her passion for clean skincare for the modern woman, her love for the sea, and inspiration from the coastal cities of Orange County. She and her husband Jason have created fresh skin care since 2015.
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