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Saunas: Good for healthy skin?

35346900 - sauna backgroudSaunas have always been promoted as a great way to detoxify your body and skin. But recently, there has been some reports that it is harmful to ones overall health. Lets weigh it out here!



PRO: Saunas relax, and distress you (yes please!) Stress, although some claim is invisible, is the ultimate enemy to overall health! Taking 30 minutes in a hot sauna can relax your mind, body (and soul) just melting your stress away!

CON: Overheating: The intense heat inside a sauna can raise your body temperature to unhealthy levels. Doctors recommend never to exceed 30 minutes!

PRO: Circulation! While you’re in the sauna, your pulse rate jumps by more than 30% allowing the heart to nearly double the amount of blood it pumps each minute (impressive!) And most of the extra blood flow is directed to your skin.

CON: The circulation is directed away from the vital organs. Additionally, although blood pressure changes vary by person, rising in some people but falling in others.

PRO: Saunas provide natural cleansing. The increased sweating is a simple acceleration of your body’s natural mechanism for getting rid of impurities.

CON: Over drying: Heat dries out your skin and your body’s natural reaction to dry skin? Create more oil. This can cause (is some) breakouts and/or dry patches.



Tips for a healthy sauna experience:

1. Do not use when ill

2. Do not stay in longer than 30 minutes

3. Drink 2-4 glasses of water after

4. Avoid alcohol and medications that impair sweating


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Mallory Ashley