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white bubbles What is Facialworks? white bubbles

Facialworks is not your typical spa or skincare joint.  When you walk into a Facialworks you will immediately notice that the traditional treatment rooms have been replaced by a stylish facial bar with reclining seats.  We designed no-downtime treatments and formulated our own products to make our facials effective yet safe for all skin types. 

We wanted to change the feeling you get when you walk into a spa.  The energy at Facialworks is different…we call it “good vibes”.  You will call it your home away from home.


white bubbles  How Did We Come Up With This?  white bubbles

Our founder, Meghan Gilboa, is a licensed Esthetician who opened her first skincare business in 2012.  Quickly realizing that her clients were looking to get quality treatments in half the time (and at an affordable price), she came up with the concept for Facialworks: no-downtime, affordable treatments at a facial bar setting!  Of course, for the traditionalist we offer private room treatments as well.  Facialworks opened January, 2014 and the response from the community was overwhelming!  We look forward to bringing Facialworks to many more neighborhoods around the country.


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    white bubbles  FAQ’s  white bubbles


    What kind of qualifications are you looking for in your Franchisee?

    Although there isn’t a one size fits all approach to finding the right franchisee, our wish list includes:

    • Minimum net worth of $500K
    • Relevant business experience, preferably in the beauty industry
    • Desire to manage day-to-day store operations
    • Positive, can-do attitude…and a whole lot of energy (you’re gonna need it!)

    What is the range of investment?

    The range of investment is generally between $290,000 and $400,000. These estimated costs range widely due to many variables. We will assess your desired territory, size of location, leasehold improvement costs, turnkey availability, and development schedule, among many other items to provide a reasonable estimate for your financing institution. We will always work with you to keep costs down and maximize your opportunity.

    How many Facialworks locations are there?

    Currently we have one location in Newport Beach, California and are in the works (no pun intended) of opening more locations in South Orange County.

    How long is the franchise term?

    Five years.

    Can I find my own Facialworks location?

    Absolutely! We have a specific branding strategy and your chosen location will be evaluated according to our well thought out design.

    Where are your territories?

    We are expanding throughout the Western United States for now.  However, we will consider other territories for the right franchisee.

    Do I need a special license?

    We do not require our franchisees to have an esthetics or cosmetology license to run your own Facialworks franchise, although we do recommend it. We do provide all of the training and support that you will need to hire licensed estheticians to develop your own store.  Depending on the state, you may be required to have a licensed esthetician or cosmetologist managing your store.  Please consult with your attorney as part of your due diligence.

    Can I do this from home?

    Why would you want to? Our spas are an uplifting place to be! Our clientele are making appointments for all sorts of happy reasons and we get to celebrate with them. The wonderful chance of entrepreneurship allows our franchisees to own their own bubbly business! We want you to want to be there. Our ideal franchisees are vivacious owner/operators. It is vitally important for our franchisees to be available to clientele and oversee their territory development on a daily basis.


    white bubbles  Investment Chart  white bubbles

    ExpenseLow EstimateHigh Estimate
    Initial Franchise Fee$25,000$40,000
    Leasehold Improvements Incl. Design Fees $125,000$200,000
    Delivery service equipment Furniture, Computer, Software and Signage
    Opening Inventory and Supplies$20,000$30,000
    Security Deposits, Utility Deposits, Business Licenses$5,000$10,000
    Grand Opening$5,000$15,000
    3-Months Additional Funds$60,000$60,000
    We relied on our founders’ 10+ years experience in a similar industry when preparing these figures. You should review these figures carefully with a business advisor before making any decision to purchase a franchise. We do not offer any financing in connection with your franchise investment and on going related costs. The availability and terms of financing from independent third parties depends on factors such as the availability of financing generally, your creditworthiness, other security and collateral you may have and policies of lenders. The cost to invest may vary for each franchise location. Size, location, population, and individual start-up requirements may all play an integral role in determining the specific cost of investment on a case-by-case basis.


    white bubbles  Franchise Steps  white bubbles

    1. Initial Inquiry – we will be in contact soon!
    2. Discussions – we want to discover your career goals and see if our bubbly opportunity fits within your personal and professional goals. We want our franchisees to stay with us for a long time and it’s an open conversation about the future.
    3. Franchisee background and financial application. We will request a more in-depth application to be completed once you feel that Facialworks is a good fit for you.
    4. Once our franchise candidates research and uncover more about us, and are ready to move forward, we set up a meeting with the Facialworks founders for a meet and greet. You can take a tour of our office and location and receive our FDD once a confidentiality and non compete agreement has been signed.
    5. There is a due diligence stage in our franchise purchase, this allows each franchisee to take the time necessary to review the documents, speak with their personal counsel and choose to move ahead with their own location. Just like our facials, we do not apply pressure!
    6. Completing the sale will consist of signing the FDD and setting up your training dates, depending on factors such as location availability and leasehold improvement scheduling.
    7. Training consists of one week in our offices and we happily supply one week of in person training in your new location


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    The information provided on this web page is not to be construed as an offer of a franchise.  Offers of franchises can only be made by delivery of a franchise disclosure document (prospectus), and in certain states the franchise disclosure document must first have been registered with an agency that regulates the offers and sales of franchises.