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Fact or Fiction: Straws cause wrinkles.

18057527 - beautiful brunette woman drinking cocktailIts 6am, my alarm goes off. I quietly sneak downstairs while everyone is still sleeping so I can begin my morning ritual. My coffee, iced as always. With french vanilla creamer (gasp, the sugar!). And it wouldn’t be complete without the straw.


The straw. I’m here to admit I’m a slave to it. Drinking from a cup without one just doesn’t offer the same satisfaction (unless it’s a shot glass filled with tequila, but that’s another story). As a woman who just recently turned 30, I am starting to see the beginning signs of aging. And as a frequent straw user, this is starting to scare me. I come from a family of smokers (thank goodness I made it out without the awful habit). And I always saw the gorgeous women I knew who had lit up as frequently as they possibly could, with the dreaded smokers lines surrounding their beautiful lips.

So here is the official answer: Put down the straw!!!

The movement a persons makes while they are using a straw is the same movement made by someone smoking that dreaded cigarette. And that movement will cause the collagen and elasticity to break down causing unnecessary lines and wrinkles. And water bottles are another offender, causing the same outcome.

The truth, although extremely inconvenient, will help you make better decisions. It is far easier (and less expensive) to prevent wrinkles from forming, than to try and get rid of them once they appear!


Mallory Ashley