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Palm Springs in 48 Hrs……During a Rainstorm!

Palm Springs is a beautiful, desert town. Great restaurants, beautiful interior decor boutiques, and gorgeous desert sunsets. Here is my 48 hour solo getaway to this wonderful city.

I arrived Sunday evening, hungry! For my first night in Palm Springs I was looking for a modern eatery with delicious food and a stiff cocktail. Birba was just the answer.  An open air dining area lit with tea lights and beautiful lanterns, Birba was bustling with conversation and laughter. I took my seat at the beautiful marble bar and was promptly give a cocktail list and menu. The food at Birba is simple yet delicious. Beautiful pizzas and pastas with an assortment of appetizers and salads. I decided on the burrata with roasted eggplant served with pita bread and an elevated greyhound with Aperol and rosemary.

Since I couldn’t decide on pizza or pasta, I didn’t limit myself and ordered both. Yes, I was naughty on my vacation. 😉 I started with their braised greens pizza with serrano chilies and green olives for a little heat and acid to cut through the greens. The sauce was subtle and the greens really shined on this one.

The pasta was a simple orechiette with cauliflower, parmesan, and lemon. These little ear pastas were delicately dressed and the cauliflower was crisp and fresh.  Breakfast on Monday morning was referred to me by a friendly woman at Birba. The place is Cheeky’s. Monday was a rainy desert day, yes they happen…but that didn’t stop me from getting out of bed early and heading to Cheeky’s since I heard the line starts at 8 am when they open. The line did not disappoint, but since I was early it was only about a 10 minute wait. Cheeky’s is a sister restaurant of Birba with an outdoor seating area as well. Due to the rain, I was sat at the same bar I had dined at the night before. I ordered my coffee right away and started on the menu. I typically will look at menus online before I go to restaurants to get a feel for what they’re all about, but being that Cheeky’s menu changes frequently I wanted to really go through. I opted for their vitamin C plate and poppy seed waffles with a meyer curd, whipped cream cheese, and fresh blueberries. Here’s a closer look at that gorgeous vitamin c plate. I am a huge citrus fanatic and this did not disappoint. Winter is the best season for a lot of citrus and these grapefruits, kumquats, and blood oranges were juicy and refreshing! Not too mention loaded with antioxidants 😉

After my breakfast, I set out to an afternoon matinee. I headed to Camelot Theatre where I saw The Salesman, it won the night before for Best Foreign Film, so I thought it would be the perfect thing to do on this rainy day. After the movie, I was hungry…all that sitting and watching really works up an appetite. I headed out for an afternoon snack. Joey’s was the perfect spot.

A quaint little cafe boasting great coffee. I ordered a cappuccino and orange, cranberry scone. The coffee was delicious and the scone was homemade with flecks of orange zest throughout. I gave myself a nice siesta…and headed to Reservoir. The menu at Reservoir has a lot of different influences; latin, asian, and californian flavors create this eclectic menu. I started with their smoke and berries cocktail and queso. The smoke & berries was a mix of muddled raspberries, lime, mezcal, and some simply syrup. It was everything the name suggests. The queso was warm and topped with pico and avocado. I finished with one of my favorite desserts:

Warm churros with a rich creamy hot chocolate and a glass of Malbec. For my final breakfast in Palm Springs I headed to Ace Hotel’s King’s Highway.  Ace Hotel is a hip, bohemian place for the hippie in all of us. Converted from an old Westward Ho and Denny’s the bones remain but the look is completely different. Walking into King’s Highway, you get the feeling of a throwback diner but with a modern, organic twist. I went for the avocado toast, topped with a soft boiled egg, pickled radish, and sprouts, this was not ordinary toast. Not to mention the bread with perfectly crisp on the outside and soft and chewy in the middle.

 I finished my 48 hour adventure with a trip up the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway to the San Jacinto Mountains. Being that it had rained all day Monday, the mountains were covered with fresh snow. Yes, SNOW in the desert. Palm Springs is one of those beautiful places full of majestic nature that one minute your in the desert, the next you surrounded by pine trees in a winter wonderland.  After the trip up and down the mountains I headed back home to Orange County relishing in the beauty of the Palm Springs and feeling lucky that I am blessed to live in such a beautiful place.