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Beauty & Bellini’s: Our First Network Blogging Event

This past Sunday we closed down Facialworks for a wonderful and extremely fun event. Being in the skincare industry, we work with so many beauty and lifestyle bloggers. Not to mention, design, family, travel and just women with wonderful style who want to share their lives. So as a thank you, we wanted to invite them all for a day of pampering!

Mendocino Farms catered our event, and the food was nothing short of delicious. The two favorites were the Chilli Rubbed Chicken Skewers and the Curried Couscous.

We had two of our own estheticians Mallory and Natalie doing mini oxygen facials. For everyone who hadn’t had one yet, they were shocked by how amazing their skin felt. For our facial veterans, they were so happy to be able to come in give their skin some much-needed attention.

We invited Jessica from Sunless Rae to come in and do her custom organic airbrush tans and everyone left the party with a beautiful bohemian glow.

Veronica Fensel came in and set up a mini makeover station and glammed up as many girls as she could.

Whitney St. Clair from Blown Away Blow Out Bar in Laguna Niguel sent two of her gorgeous stylists Casey & Rachel to come do hair. The curls, braids and styles these girls did was nothing short of beautiful.

Beauty is pain right? Well on that note, we invited Lunch Box Waxing to come on over and assist with the less than glamorous part of our routines and the ladies left with the most perfectly shaped brows.

And last but not least, ET Chiropractic’s. Because who has ever said no to a massage?

Thank you to all of our vendors who contributed their services and to our wonderful staff who helped run the event!


Mallory Ashley

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Anti-aging Essentials: 4 ingredients that will guarantee your most youthful looking skin!

57821633 - teenage woman checking wrinkles on foreheadLets face it, aging is something that everyone is experiencing and everyone wants to combat. Although the best way to look great is to age gracefully, its never too early or too late to take care of your body inside and out. Confidence comes from knowing you’ve done your personal finest to be the best you, and your skin routine plays a big role. Research has found that there are 4 skin care ingredients on the market that when used together, give your skin its best fighting chance in the battle against aging! Of course, ones diet, lifestyle and biological factors play a huge role in skin appearance. However, taking care of your skin on a daily basis with great products is a must.


To fight aging, the 4 ingredients to look for are Vitamin a, Vitamin c, Peptides, and Sunscreen.
Vitamin A is most commonly known on the market as skins anti-ager. Vitamin A comes in the form of retin-a, retinol, or retinal palmytate. This product speeds up cell metabolism which resurfaces the skin, resulting in the reduction of fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin A products typically come in the form of a night cream, and best used at night because sun exposure directly after use is not recommended. Also, your skin repairs itself at night, therefore putting on your most active products then may yield better results.
Vitamin C is one of the strongest antioxidants on the market and well known for its brightening factor. Vitamin C is not only a natural sun protectant, but it defends against free radicals that break down skin cells and cause fine lines. While free radical defense is extremely important because we live in a toxic environment, vitamin C’s ability to lighten hyper pigmentation and brighten skin is what most people love about this amazing product. An even skin tone is one of the number one signs of youth!
In addition to a glowing complexion, collagen production is a must. Collagen gives skin its support and thickness. When collagen is lost and not replaced, the skin becomes hollow, saggy, and wrinkles are formed. Peptides are what build collagen in your skin. Applying peptides topically tricks your skin into thinking it has lost collagen, therefor creating a burst of collagen production!
Last and definitely not least, there’s sunscreen. some love it, some hate it, but everyone MUST where it. 99 percent of what you don’t like about your skin is caused from sun exposure. meaning, if you never went in the sun, you would be 99 percent more confident in your skins appearance. Crazy! Whether you’re oily, dry, sensitive or acneic, there’s a sunscreen out there that will work for you. ideally you want a mineral sunscreen such as one with zinc.. but any good sunscreen with an spf of 30 or higher will do as long as you wear it on a daily basis and reapply as needed… and don’t forget your neck and chest!
So ladies (and gentlemen) heres your fool proof guide to kicking time’s butt! Need suggestions? We love Facialworks Retinol, CE Ferulic, Power Masque, and Hydra Protect Sunscreen!


Tiffany Kelton

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Fact or Fiction: Straws cause wrinkles.

18057527 - beautiful brunette woman drinking cocktailIts 6am, my alarm goes off. I quietly sneak downstairs while everyone is still sleeping so I can begin my morning ritual. My coffee, iced as always. With french vanilla creamer (gasp, the sugar!). And it wouldn’t be complete without the straw.


The straw. I’m here to admit I’m a slave to it. Drinking from a cup without one just doesn’t offer the same satisfaction (unless it’s a shot glass filled with tequila, but that’s another story). As a woman who just recently turned 30, I am starting to see the beginning signs of aging. And as a frequent straw user, this is starting to scare me. I come from a family of smokers (thank goodness I made it out without the awful habit). And I always saw the gorgeous women I knew who had lit up as frequently as they possibly could, with the dreaded smokers lines surrounding their beautiful lips.

So here is the official answer: Put down the straw!!!

The movement a persons makes while they are using a straw is the same movement made by someone smoking that dreaded cigarette. And that movement will cause the collagen and elasticity to break down causing unnecessary lines and wrinkles. And water bottles are another offender, causing the same outcome.

The truth, although extremely inconvenient, will help you make better decisions. It is far easier (and less expensive) to prevent wrinkles from forming, than to try and get rid of them once they appear!


Mallory Ashley